Monday, November 21, 2011

Almost There: Orca Bay Part 1, Day 4

Reporting from Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Outpost, Mirror, Alberta:  

Here are the hour glass units that passed muster from today's work -- all 52 of them.  There were supposed to be 60, but eight went into the 2.325" square stack instead.*  I must have had a moment of weakness or fatigue, and just not taken enough care to stitch that hair's width inside the sewing lines on those ones.  Sigh.  Ah well: they will be stored and used elsewhere!  More tomorrow, perhaps, though I have to work in the morning and I wanted to get some spinning done in the afternoon because, after all, "Tuesdays are for Spinning".

*This brings my total thus far to 142.  Only 82 to go!

Working Title: I Was Hungry...
In addition to the OBMQ squares, I finally began to 'birth' a new art piece that's been growing inside my head for the past few weeks.  The 'picture' I got for this one has spoken so loudly to me that I just had to get it down.

Sometimes things brew far longer than a few weeks (like a coat I have in mind that's been lodged at the back of my right brain for over a year now) -- but not this one. No way.  I even know how I want to quilt it.  The piece will be 15 inches square.  There is a motif -- a begging bowl or a rice bowl -- fused a bit off-centre on the lower left; I bought the beads I want to use for the rice, from The Crafty Lady, a couple of weeks ago.  The rest will show up in the quilting.  Inspiration? There were two sources: 1) a presentation at church a few weeks ago by our parish rep for PWRDF (the Anglican Primate's World Relief and Development Fund); and 2) the Gospel of Matthew 25:35.  I can just feel it: this is one of those pieces that won't let me go until it's finished.  Stay tuned.


Helen in the UK said...

Looks like you're making great progress on the mystery units :)

Candace said...

Your blocks are looking wonderful and your "I Was Hungry is going to be interesting to see. When I first started reading about it I thought maybe it would be something about spilled mild. I like yours better.

Andee said...

I have a few that slightly smaller size too...thanks for the chuckle!

Ellen said...

Your little blocks are coming along quite nicely!