Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wednesdays are for C&G

... Or at least that seems to be how it's turning out this week.

I'd really like to get into a more consistent routine, and now that the Siren Song of Summer Sunshine no longer beckons, perhaps I can do just that. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, The Yarn Harlot, used to say, "Tuesdays are for spinning".  I'd like to incorporate that into my schedule too, thus:

  1. Mondays are for Lacombe (the City of, that is), wherein I meet to say the Anglican Rosary, attend an aquacize class, meet with a charity knitting group, teach a bit of knitting, work on whatever handwork is going, run errands (groceries, car wash, bottle depot...) and practice with the other two members of the trio to which I belong;
  2. Tuesdays are for the Mirror Library (a.m. - currently acting-librarian) and spinning;
  3. Wednesdays are for City & Guilds reading, designing, exercises, and for the Mirror Library (7-9 p.m.);
  4. Thursdays are for the studio (a.m.) and the Mirror Library (1-5 p.m.); and
  5. Fridays - as for Thursdays but without the Library!
If I could stick to that, Saturdays would be open for volunteer work (Thrift Shop -- where I get some of my best materials!) or art galleries or quilt shows or...whatever.  And Sunday is my Sabbath: church, friends, naps, reading, BEing more than DOing.

Now that I've put that out to "a great cloud of witnesses" in cyber-space, So Be It!  

Two Against the Current
Today being for the C&G, I finished Activities 15 and 16 of Module 4 -- creating Prairie Points and inserting them into a seam; then, quilting the piece.  (Notice these weren't left as points per se, but pressed open.  What fun!)   I used mainly my hand-dyed fabrics with a bit of commercial cotton as well, and machine quilted the sample with Sulky 'Blendable' thread in colour #4016 - "Peacock Plume" -- simply because it seemed best for the subtle effect I wanted on the hand-dyed background fabric. 

 As I haven't done much machine quilting this summer, the quilting on this sample is not my best, so the piece won't leave my studio -- but it has given me an idea to replicate it at a higher level of quality for the next SAQA Benefit Auction.  :-)

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