Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thank you, Mr. Solomon...

You made my day!

Circle Play - 2011
All of the work I viewed exhibited high artistic quality, and I found myself initially choosing way more than my allotment of 50. I then faced the agonizing task of deselecting many pieces I appreciated.* 

*Michael Solomon, in his comments about judging the 268 pieces submitted to SAQA's 2011 Trunk Show, "This is a Quilt!"

As my piece was one of the ones at which he was looking, I am thrilled at his comment about its quality, and those of the others on exhibit.

While not included in the group that will reside in the permanent collection at Michigan State University, I am honoured to have had my piece shown in such august company -- including that of four Canucks from SAQA Central Canada, whose work will be in that collection!  Congratulations, all of you!

And my piece remains part of the Trunk Show available to tour Canada.  Find out how to bring this great exhibit to your local quilt show or guild by clicking here.

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Bee said...

That is high praise indeed and deservedly so! Your work is beautiful. Congratulations!