Friday, September 09, 2011

Shoppin' and Hoppin'

With 30C and sunshine here (that's in the 80s for you non-metric folks), it's been a mixed week. I've finished up the set of 3 mohair shawlettes for my church's prayer shawl ministry, and a wee embroidered sampler with a garden theme. I've also prepared my fabric for Activities 11/12 of my City & Guilds program, and need to get it finished and submitted soon, before Linda sends out a search party, wondering where I am! I've also been putting up green beans and apples, freezing 'em, saucing 'em (the apples, that is), etc. And today I leave for 3 days of play with other quilters and my daughter, in Edmonton. 

Yep, it's the (apparently) annual "Shop Hop North" here in Alberta, and I decided to treat myself. I'll be hopping more than shopping (I don't need a darned thing!), but it's fun to check out the shops (I've never even seen 2 of them), see what's new in fabric, notions, books and magazines, pick up the odd freebie and enter my name in for wonderful prizes (did someone mention fabric?!). I begin today with three shops on the way north: Quilting from the Heart in Camrose, 45 minutes up the highway, is Stop #1. This is a very pretty shop, with friendly owners and tempting selections. My daughter went to university in Camrose so I got to know the shop fairly well over the 4 years she was there. I even went on a retreat with gals from there one spring, several years ago now. Once I've been initiated to The Hop in a familiar shop, it's farther north and east (about an hour) to Mundare, and The Chicken Coop. I've seen these gals only at local quilt shows, where they generally have a booth in the Merchant Mall. Clearly they've been too busy hatching new business to update their website -- so I'll just have to take a look "up close and personal". My third and last stop today will be at Lori's Country Cottage in Sherwood Park, on the SE edge of Edmonton, about 15 minutes from my daughter's. Again, I've only seen Lori's via a booth at a show, so it'll be good to visit the shop in person. Online it looks to be a fairly traditionally-oriented shop, but one never knows what inspiration and ideas one can get -- wherever quilters gather, and colourful fabric and threads abound!

Tomorrow I take in 2 quilt shops in Edmonton -- Quilters' Dream and Earthly Goods. QD has both a north and south store; I'll be going to the south one, driving in a circle from my daughter's, making a pit-stop at River City Yarns (south store as well), and back up via EG to end up at my daughter's again. Sounds like a perfect day, doesn't it?

Sunday I hope to visit the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Elianot far from my daughter's home. Back story: in 1946 my father was a Major with the Canadian Black Watch Regiment, seconded to the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR), in charge of some Displaced Persons camps in Heidenau (Haydenau), Germany. There he met a young artist, Wadim Dobrolige, from whom he bought several paintings, including sitting for a portrait. I have inherited the portrait and 1/2 dozen of these lovely landscapes and still life works, and for some time have been trying to find out about the artist. It turns out that he emigrated to Canada in 1948 and settled in the Edmonton area, where he became reasonably well known, mounting shows in nearby communities and even as far East as Toronto. 

In addition, he painted the ikonostas (click here and scroll down) for St. Elia's church. From what I can see online, it is a very beautiful thing. I will go to mattins and then, after quiet worship, hope that I can have a closer look at this work of art and praise. Alas, Mr. Dobrolige died in 1973, aged 60. I wonder if I will be able to find any of his family in the area...? Obviously, the story is To Be Continued!

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besshaile said...

Oh my - fascinating story about the artist. I hope you find some family. Happy hopping. (I'm madly washing clothes to hang out in this unfamiliar sunshine)