Monday, July 25, 2011

Where in the world...

is Marg today? ;-) 

Today I'm blogging from the Mary C. Moore Public Library in Lacombe, where I get one hour's access at a time, after which I have to log out and log in again.  I'm on my second hour, and have about 33 minutes left, according to the little fellow in the lower right corner of the monitor.

All this is to say that my Internet provider has restored my e-mail connection in a way -- it comes in slowly, and I don't trust it with out-going mail -- and my actual online connection, not at all.  We are now into Day 5, and I'm told the techies are still on site at the tower in the area that's having all the problems.  I'm told that what's happening is 'radio interference' with the Internet/e-mail signals managed by the tower in the Alix-Mirror region, which has been ongoing since the last major thunderstorm we had (about a week ago).  It may not be the fault of an actual radio broadcaster (the nearest station is here in Lacombe) but of similar wavelengths used by an industrial site (a feed plant or a natural gas plant, for example) or a mobile phone service provider.  They're not happy with the quality of service, so are still monitoring it and hoping it improves.

That makes several of us!

So....I have resigned to checking my status at home regularly, and continuing to use library facilities on an every-other-day basis.  It's keeping my life simpler, quieter and somehow humbled by the reminder that this, too, is something over which I have no control.


I've just finished a memoir entitled Shedding Years, written by Phyllis Greene a decade or so ago, when she was 82.  A very savvy, independent, thoughtful and loving 82 she was, too.  Alas, I've just missed being able to let her know how much I enjoyed her book, as she died in February of this year, aged 90.  Apparently, Shedding Years is the second of three books she authored in her eighties.  The first -- It Must Have Been Moonglow -- is about entering widowhood.  The third, I don't know.  Regardless, I will hunt them down so I can savour more of her wonderful wit and wisdom.  I commend her work to you for a gentle read in the summer sunshine, or to warm up a cool evening.

All for now....

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