Saturday, July 09, 2011

Rounding a Gentle Curve

Pimpelliese Shawlette
This wee shawl is my current 'at-home' project.  Knit from one 100-gram ball of sock yarn, it's a 12-row pattern, which means I haven't memorized its entirety, and have to keep referring to it to stay on track.  Essentially, you knit, increasing as you go, till you've used half your yarn (by weight) and then begin the decreases.  This past week, I slipped around the curve and into the home stretch...
New by Christine Valters Paintner

...toward "a clearer sureness about what matters" (Jane Dunnewold).
...toward trying " do good produce something" (Eval Zeisel)
...toward a life more in balance: creativity-as-blessing.

This book is due to arrive this coming week.  When it does, you'll know where to find me...

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Linda A. Miller said...

Ah yes, a good curve to come around.