Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Have to Begin Somewhere

and on Friday, April 15 at 8 a.m., I began here, with my bit of floor space, delineated by masking tape, my table and chair.  I moved in my display stand, my sack of clip-lights, my box and bags, and began to set up.

In a couple of hours, my space was transformed into a pretty display, with my "3F" name emblazoned in black brush marker across the wide white tops of the frame, and pieces strategically placed for viewing.  I set up the table so at the back I could sit stitching, within easy view of visitors.  From there I worked, answered questions, and directed traffic.  I was also able to get up easily to help potential customers have a closer look at something.  This was also the view people got as the entered the door to the County Room; yes, my booth was immediately opposite that doorway!

This is a close-up of the better part of my table display.  By the end of the weekend, the sailboat card had been purchased, as had 3 of the 'trading cards', which folks seemed to want for gift cards and/or bookmarks.  That was it though.  No other sales.  Still, the display generated a good deal of interest -- it was the first exposure to fabric/fibre/textile arts for most of the visitors.

I came home fairly satisfied, with assurances from other artists that the first year is a 'getting to know you' year, and that next year would be better re: sales.  It was a very full and generally exhausting weekend, but kernels of ideas are already beginning to brew for new work.

And...well, the good thing is that I plan to enter two of the unsold pieces into "Connections Across the West", the latest Call to Entry from SAQA Western Canada.  The photos are ready to go; I just have to write up what the submission requires and send it off.

As for my grant application, no news yet.  I keep hoping that'll mean good news in the end.  Stay tuned!


Bee said...

You're right....you have to begin somewhere and I think you got a very good start. Maybe not the sales you were hoping for, but good experience and exposure. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news on your grant application and your entries into "Connections Across the West!

Judy Warner said...

Hi Margaret,
Been waiting to hear how it went. Sounds like a good positive first experience. I am sure you learned tons for the next time!

Linda A. Miller said...

It is all step by step. Sounds like you gained some great experience and generated interest which could bring surprises in the future. Congratulations, Margaret!

Anonymous said...

Margaret, Congratulations for putting yourself out there. I am sure that many people, fellow artists included, have a new respect to fiber art and you as a fiber artist.