Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Are You at the Party?

That's the question Blog-meister Lisa Chipetine asked of us at the SAQA Mentorship Webinar last night...

And if you read this blog regularly, you'll notice I've begun to play around with it.  I'll admit that part of this is a combination of cabin fever and procrastination...but I'm also seriously in search of a way to be more economical with both time and $$$.  

Here's what's lined up inside my head:
  • My website subscription is up March 1.  
  • I've been thinking it would make life both simpler and easier if I combined my web art site with my blog.
  • I've had my blog for years (2003?  2004?) and am most comfortable using it.
  • I still have lots to learn about maximizing my blog's potential.
  • I think textile art is best sold where it can be seen "up close and personal" and yes, sometimes touched.
  • I'm finding more venues for showing (and selling) my art -- some even close to home.
  • I am a slow maker of one-of-a-kind pieces, not a producer of 'product'.  Mass marketing isn't comfortable for me.
  • I like a conversational, personal approach to online communication.
  • I'm still The Lady Who Knits on the Bus -- or plane, or train, or on foot.
So please be patient with me if you stumble across the blog and it looks a bit different again.  I'm still at the party, but I'm looking for something up-dated to wear.

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