Monday, February 07, 2011

More Funky "Words"

A couple of weeks ago,  I posted some of the "words" I had to use for security reasons when making blog comments.  Since then, I've collected some more.  Take a look at these:

  • collying -- like 'cuddling' with a twist?  Or maybe the practice of being a collie?  
  • nesseriv -- as in "Is that absolutely nesseriv?"  :-)
  • cohot -- perhaps...being hot together? ;-)
  • suense -- such as, "This pattern doesn't make suense!"
  • chies -- Bet you can't eat just one!
  • manimpl -- She wore a manipl to keep her neck and shoulders warm.
  • recluth -- A recluse with a lisp?
  • fersings -- What wine does when it's been fermenting too long...?
  • coace -- You can't coace me into taking that job!
  • repro -- an abbreviation for 'reproduction'?
  • hoedic -- frantically turning over the soil in the garden?
  • ersabias -- "Teddy bears are her favourite toy; you'd have to say she has an ersabias..."!
  • misalcal -- when your sums don't add up?
  • snesp -- Gesundheit!
  • palsell -- perhaps some sort of palsy?
  • mishlyll -- ?
  • bostr -- the 'mister' in charge?
  • impre -- short for 'impression'?
  • shoto -- when your camera won't work any more...
The things one thinks about when winter keeps one indoors, eh?

Another person who loves words is the actor, John Lithgow.  If you haven't seen his PBS interview with Bill Moyers for his program, Journal, get yourself a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy!


Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh you are too funny!

Today it looks like my word is:

spremil- sounds like a medication for something nasty......

Linda A. Miller said...

Great interpretations on these words...I have long been intrigued by them myself!

Bee said...

The two words I've had so far this morning were SubinSin and Repent. Hmmmm Is there a message in there for me?