Friday, January 21, 2011


More Adventures in Dyeing

It's been a week for colour.  Monday and again yesterday, I worked with fibre-reactive dyes to create a palette of coloured fabric.  (This is the first activity in Module 3 of my Level 2 C&G Creative Techniques: Quilting program.)

I began by making 'pure' colours; that is, colours for which I had dye powder, mixed straight with water.  These gave me my primaries (red, yellow and blue) and a few seondaries (fuschia, golden yellow and turquoise).

Reds and Yellows


Next, I worked on a purple, and came up with a plum (of sorts:

A Pleasing Plum

I wasn't too happy with the scarlet; I'd been a bit parsimonious, putting 2 pieces of fabric in one dye bath bag, and it didn't distribute well, despite my squeezing, nor did it give me the depth of colour I wanted.  So...Wednesday I made some more scarlet, along with a very pretty green.  I used small pieces for the latter, as a little of this colour goes a long way!

Last -- but not least -- I've made a couple of pieces of a beautiful royal purple (not photographed), and used my red-orange dye mixture in my first snow dyeing efforts.  You can see it in the uppler left corner.  

As for the second go at snow dyeing, well!  Much better when you don't get carried away with too many colours (see above -- the muddy bits)!  I created two pieces in blues and greens, and two in reds with a bit of purple.  Here's a sample, one of each:

You never know what to expect with this technique, and that's what makes it so much fun (aside from the fact that it's easy to do, and there's more than enough snow around here to work with!)

Next up: creating a colour wheel.  

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