Friday, January 14, 2011

It's in the Mail...

Firefly Poem
My Sketchbook for The Project, that is.  I got the word about an extended deadline after I'd packed mine up, cover letter and all, so I mailed it today anyway.  There's nothing I would have had time to add -- I'd run out of steam.  Didn't finish the book, but I liked the pages I did, and I think they got stronger as I drew closer to the end of the Project.
Bird in a Gilded Cage - closed

Bird in a Gilded Cage - open

 Which came first...?

The layering came from my work in my City and Guilds Module 2.

I confess that what got me through the project was poetry -- mine and that of several others.   Being a fabric person, I found this all-paper-almost-all the time stuff really challenging.

That said, my second-last set of pages included a) fabric; and b) a quilting pattern -- Flying Geese, a classic.  :-)

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Judy Warner said...

this looks beautiful. Congrats on persisting and mailing it in.