Thursday, December 09, 2010

'Way Busy!

I'm in full-tilt Christmas Prep Mode here at Casa Margarita.  I managed to get quite a bit done on my quilting trip away at North Bow Lodge this past weekend, and in the past few days have gotten a good leg up on some non-Christmas projects too.  The major one of these was to get "Advent" -- a large piece of "woven quilting' in the style of Jude Hill -- ready enough to photograph for an entry into "SAQA Volusia: Wrapped in Fiber", a juried show with an online submission deadline of December 15th.  I continue to be grateful to curator Mary McBride for permission to enter it as a WIP, with the proviso that, if chosen, it will definitely be fiinished and submitted on time for the exhibit at the end of January -- in Florida.

As of this afternoon -- it was!  So...I completed the online entry, paid my fee, uploaded 2 photos as required -- et voila! I can rest easy...for a few minutes, anyway!  I still have to quilt a small section (from the narrow band of gold fabric down to the fringe), bind it, and add some more embellishments and finishing touches.  But man-o-man do I feel better now that it's entered!

I've also managed to quilt 2 small pieces for the Journal Quilt Show sponsored by Grosvenor Shows (producers of Magic Patch magazine in the UK) if they tell me on December 15th that my entry was one of the ones selected, they'll be bound and sent off promptly!

And I've finished "Circle Play", a 10" square piece for SAQA's Trunk Show, "This is a Quilt", which also needs to be sent off right after Christmas (this show is not juried).  All that I need to do before packing it up is attach a label and write up my Artist's Statement.

So...Back to Christmas knitting.

A week from tomorrow, the tree goes up!

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Judy Warner said...

Gosh, Margaret. You are so prolific that I can't keep up with you!