Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost in Translation

Pride goeth before a fall....
There I sat on Sunday evening, so pleased I'd finished the section top section of the second sleeve for the "Jeff's Pub Sweater" that I'm making my son for Christmas.  Some sewing, the shoulder sections, more sewing...and I'd be finished -- (likely) on time!

Then I went to fold it together with the first one for later assembly.  Well. The first one's in the front of this pair; the second -- ginormous! -- one is in the back.  Wha' happened?!  I checked the pattern and discovered a simple case of translation error.  Needles called for: "Size 6 (4mm)."  The 'size 6' refers to US sizes.  Apparently, when preparing to cast on (after some time away from this project), my eye picked up the '6' and the 'mm' and lost the rest in between.  I went ahead merrily making up the 2nd top section of sleeve with a 6 mm circular needle -- and didn't notice that it felt different from the first go 'round.  Sigh.


Linda A. Miller said...

sighing and starting over...that is about all one can do!

Bee said...

Ohhh, I think we have all been there!