Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary...

To Quilting Arts Magazine!  This is the only commercial magazine to which I subscribe on a regular basis -- and I've been a steady reader since sometime in 2003.  A few years after that, I came upon many back issues at Out of Hand, one of my very favourite Calgary needlework shops.  There I was also able to add the reprint of the Premier Issue to my collection.  

I now have several magazine holders of the magazine, lined up in chronological order -- most with sticky notes applied as tabs to help me find favourite articles.  I've been reading it long enough to see in print articles by a cyberfriend, and several cyber-teachers: Susan Brubaker Knapp, Melanie Testa, Sue Bleiweiss, and Jude name but a few.

And this fall, when my subscription ended, I renewed it -- in digital format.  While I dearly love the hard copy of this particular magazine -- so much information! So much colour!  So much eye candy! -- I now live in smaller quarters than I did two short years ago, and feel that online/save to CD is the way to go...(I still love hard copy books, so can't admit 100% to doing digitizing a magazine for nobler reasons than saving space...)

So far, I haven't been tempted to submit and article or tip, or to enter a Reader Challenge.  I did enter a Calendar competition a couple of years ago -- unsuccessfully...but no matter.  I still love and enjoy this publication, and wish Pokey Bolton and her entire staff many more years of successful publishing.  All the best!

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Bee said...

I too love Quilting Arts. I found it about a year after they started and was able to acquire all the back copies I missed online. So I now have the entire collection. I have also moved to smaller quarters however, I am having a hard time talking myself into digital copies. I love taking my magazines to work or dentist's office or just curling up on the sofa.