Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Thoughts

One of the people I am thankful for is the inspirational teacher and preacher, Joyce Meyer.  Last week, on one of her broadcasts (I watch and listen on my computer), she was talking about enjoying life -- living life to the fullest -- in Part Nine of her series on "Power Thoughts".  About a week before the event at which she was speaking, she'd had her 64th birthday, which got her to thinking about time, and how she -- and we all -- use it, and she got out her calculator.

Well, I had my 58th birthday just over a month ago. Following Joyce's example, I decided to figure out a few things:

I've been alive 58 years and 1 month (give or take), which translates to 21,200 days, OR 508,800 hours, OR 30,528,000 minutes.

  1. Let's assume I'll live to 94, like my late Aunt Alice, from whom I inherited my short stature, my overall health, and my love of quilting, among other things.  That would mean that I have 35 years and 11 months (give or take) left to live...and that translates to 
13,110 days OR 314,640 hours OR 18, 878,400 minutes.

Oh boy.  That's not much!  

So.  I've made a decision and you, Gentle Readers, are my witnesses:  I have decided to honour my Creator, to whom I am thankful for this precious life, by enjoying every moment I'm given, henceforth!  

Thanksgiving blessings to all...may God be with you.  :-)

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