Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sneak Peek...

At "Advent", a 'Spirit Series' piece I'm working on that's evolved during my Cloth-to-Cloth class with Jude Hill:

Advent - upper section

Bottom Section

Heart applique - rough position

The fabric consists of scraps and strips of deep purple cashmere coat fabric, lining, red, gold and fuschia dupioni silk (the fuschia is from an old jacket I cut up), purple blouse fabric, and a red-to-purple cotton batik.  There's also some purple drapery fabric in the mix! The coat, lining, blouse and drapery dry goods were all donations from friends who know I love their scraps and samples, even though what I do with them makes them shake their heads! :-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely colors and the textures of the different fabrics will be wonderful together. I like the fact that its all from scraps donated by friends.

jude said...

the addition of the cashmere was brilliant. class is really heating up!