Friday, September 17, 2010

It Won't be Long Now...

'Medici #1 - Once in a Blue Moon' - Jean Judd
Till one of these pieces could be yours for the bidding!  Here's a sample from Page 2a of the SAQA Benefit Auction; the works on this page go up for auction September 27:

'Thursday 6 p.m. - Stopped in Traffic' - Karen Goetzinger

'Nature: Personification of Chaos and Order' - Anna Hergert

(And in case you have forgotten or don't know...Cllck here to learn how the auction works.)

'The Door' - Michelle Jackson

'Square Dance' - Beryl Taylor

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Jean M. Judd said...

There are many wonderful textile artworks still available in the first group of quilts up for auction. Be sure to check it out!

The second group starts on the 27th of September and the third groups starts on October 4th.

Thanks Margaret for including my donation piece, Medici #1 -- Once in a Blue Moon, on your blog.