Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy Birthday!

First, to my dear old friend, CS, who is inching ever closer to the Big 6-0 as of today...

Clara Parkes
The Knitter's Book of WoolThe Knitter's Book of YarnAnd next, to Knitter's Review and its visionary, talented, skilled, generous founder, Ms. Clara Parkes -- as her cyber-creation celebrates a full decade online as of today.  May it -- and Clara -- continue to fill our computer screens with information, ideas, thoughtful critique and just plain fun for many years to come -- and may our libraries expand with Clara's useful and interesting writing.

I have both of these books, and eagerly await the third, about  which Clara has been steadily hinting on KR and Facebook...

Speaking of which...when Ravelry arrived on the scene I had to admit I wasn't at all sure about it.  I liked my KR; I didn't want it or Clara to be hurt by what I perceived as competition.  I soon learned that the Knitting Universe (to paraphrase Knitter's magazine) was large enough to manage both in equanimity -- and it was no time at all before KR fans had their own group on "Rav".  Count me in, Clara!  I too remain a loyal fan.  All the best!

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