Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Bit More Progress

A bit more argyle - front of cuff

Over on Ravelry, there's a forum entitled "Argylers Anonymous" -- where they hardly ever post any messages.  I'm beginning to understand why.  After several more hours on this cuff, I have managed to get to Row 20 of 25 on the Argyle pattern (that's after 32 rows of stockinette in the blue-green marl). That's 80% of one cuff -- with ends mostly sewn in.  So near to the actual leg portion of the pattern....and yet, so far. I tell you, weaving in the ends as I go is going to save my sanity -- there' d be far too many of them to secure later.

And just think: I have to do this twice!

And back of cuff....most ends woven in

That said, there's a kind of 'hook' in this work -- much like making socks with self-striping yarn, or working Fair Isle, I seem to want to keep going just to see how it'll turn out.

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