Monday, August 30, 2010

I've Also Been Quilting

Thought I'd posted somewhere in an archive about the first piece in what I'm calling my "Spirit" series -- but I can't find the link.  Ah well.  The piece is called God, of Your Goodness, and is inspired by the first line of a prayer from Julian of Norwich:  

God, of Your goodness, give me yourself,
for you are enough to me,
and I can ask for nothing else that is to Your glory.
And if I should ask for anything else,
I would still be in want,
for only in You have I all.

Robe - Right Front Section
"Heart Paisley" Detail

I'm at the quiltiing stage with this piece, and decided to do some "Heart Paisley" (per Leah Day) filling stitches on the sleeves of the robe belonging to the God-figure.   This resulted in a great deal of procrastination on my part, but I finally bit the bullet and practiced, practiced, practiced.  On Saturday afternoon, I went for it on the actual piece, and am quite pleased.  Onward and upward!

As my friend A poiinted out, this sort of McTavishing can result in a fairly firm fabric.  This means that on the sleeves, where I want to show 'flimsiness', I am going to quilt much more lightly.  I am also undecided about quilting the lame lapels of the robe; I'll leave that decision until I have finished the other front, and the centre panel.  

Lesson Learned: there's a place for dense quilting, and a place for not-so-dense quilting!  :-)

On the knitting front, I posted a query on Ravelry about how many strands to use in the single-colour section of the argyle (my second kilt hose commission), when you use 2 strands for the marl section.  It was generally agreed that I should use 2 strands throughout, which has me fussing about whether or not I have enough of the main colours (blue and green).  Think I'll order more, just in case.  I can always use this basic sock yarn for something else if I don't need it for the kilt hose.  I swatched the first 32 rows of the cuff, 75 sts on #12 CAD (2.75 mm) straight needles -- and got 15 sts and 20 rows to 2', when I should be getting 11 sts and 17 rows.  Sigh.  Pulled it out (recycle!) and will try with #11 CAD (3 mm) straights.  Yep, these hose are intarsia -- knit flat and seamed before working the foot.  Every minute with them is a learning experience, so I'm still having fun. :-)

Now back to the sewing machine!

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