Friday, August 13, 2010

I was just walking along...

When the Muse struck. I've been taking an online course from Christine at Abbey of the Arts; as a result, the ears of my heart and mind have been more open to the leading of the Muse (what I call the artistic aspect of the Holy Spirit). today, between rainstorms, I grabbed an hour and went for a brisk walk along the Alix Nature Trail. Along the way, I had an encounter, and when I got home, I wrote this:

The Buck and the Crone

A long moment they stood,
looking deeply
into each other's eyes:
he, sporting a rack,
the stubby velvet antlers of youth;
she, a widening waist
and furrowed brow,
sweaty now
despite the cool weather.

She broke first,
turning back the way she'd come,
around a corner, but
only a little pace along,
and back again.
There he remained.

She spoke softly,
"Do you want to get by?"
Still, silence.

"I won't hurt you."
She moved forward;
he turned
as if to lead her down the trail, but
seeming to have second thoughts,
walked into the long grass.

She passed the spot;
over her shoulder
his white tail waved 'good-bye'.

-- GMB, Alix Lake, August 13, 2010.


Linda A. Miller said...

Lovely poem, Margaret. Thanks for sharing. Being open to the moment is what this life is about.

arlee said...

YES this is WONDERFUL! the imagery it evokes, the words themselves, the meanings.......YES