Saturday, July 03, 2010

Spring to Early Summer...

Brings babies!

In the last 10 days or so, my daughter's 2 pregnant gal-pals had new, a wee girl; and one, a wee boy. And so.... I've been playing in my studio with an adorable pattern from the April issue of Quilter's World, found at my local library. Believe it or not, all the coloured fabric came from one large jelly roll of 2 1/2 - inch strips. The sheep were from white stash fabric. Now those babes can eat and burp in style! :-)

This season also brings the annual Olds College Fibre Week -- and this year, in addition to helping out with the wool fleece judging (2 of us helped the judge examine 55 fleece in just under 4 hours!) I took a class with the inimitable, irrepressible, warm, funny, witty, wise Cat Bordhi. I learned about the Magical Moebius, and began this cowl, which is a free pattern on her website. I didn't begin with cashmere though (LOL!) -- but with Paton's Classic Wool in 'Rich Red'. (I don't think they carry this colour any more -- but it's close to "Cherry" in the new colour-ways.)

Can you see the twist? :-)

This is going to be fun and quick to knit up -- perfect for cool(er) summer evenings. I like it so much that I just might make one for a physicist friend of mine... Cat did say that the process could become addictive...!

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