Friday, April 09, 2010

Easy-peasy Gift

My sis has a little house in a nearby resort town, which I love to visit. A few weeks back, in my LQS, I found a gorgeous panel composed of six large squares, each depicting a stylized flowers. (Turns out they're from Thimbleberries! Who knew?) Three were in colours that suited perfectly the decor of her place -- and 3 suited mine. What's not to like?

So....I cut out the three for sis, and quilted each against a background of plain, unbleached muslin. I then backed the squares in a dark olive green cotton, overlapped at the centre to make an envelope, et voila! Cushion covers! I found 3 small cushions (the finished covers were about 17" square) at my local Big Box Store, and I had a gift for her when I went for Easter Dinner last week.

Note: The three flowers are a dahlia, a daisy (both of which grown in sis' garden) and hibiscus (not shown, but which I included because sis likes to vacation in tropical places.) The ones I've saved for me? Peony, poppy and lily -- all of which grow in my garden. Happy Spring!

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