Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Releasing Angst

Monday, and again yesterday, I had experiences that at one time would have left me fuming. I mean, the Whole Nine Yards: swearing, shaking my fist at God, "Why Me?"-ing, you name it. To my complete surprise, however, I've laughed off both incidents -- and the most astonishing thing to me is, I can't put my finger on precisely what has brought about this change. (Could it be that it's the impact of my Word of the Year?)

What happened? Well, Monday, in downtown Lacombe, I locked my keys in my car. First time in a couple of years, which had been the first time in 3-4 years before that. I found this rather funny, even managing to say to the guy who sprung my keys, "Yeah; I have to do this every couple of years or life's just not worth living!" $42.00 later, both of us were on our way.

Yesterday, I was quilting along in my studio...when wham! My sewing machine's presser foot went down, and couldn't get up. I heard a little noise, and saw a wee piece of the internal mechanism that works the foot, lying on the table beneath my machine. Looks like it's made of lead (!), which doesn't bode well for repair. I'm sure I'm going to need a new part, and I have to go into Red Deer to do it. The Sewing Centre there is always busy, so I may not have the machine back for a while -- if they can get the part!! Of the 2 I own,this machine is the newest and has the features I both want and need to finish a top for the "Joy of Applique" exhibit at Quilt Canada at the end of April. What to do? Take it in and see what happens. I have the piece in a tiny zip-lock bag to show them what the problem is. Cost: TBA.

Now here's the scenario: I'm on a fairly fixed income; I have lots of things on the go, and lots more places to spend $$ than on car key rescue and sewing machine repair. Amazingly, I find this stuff almost funny -- although I am just hoping there's not a spend-Marg's-money #3 waiting to happen. Rest assured, I'm going to be careful! ;-)

On the knitting front, I've been commissioned to knit not one but two pair of kilt hose for a local piper! I have started the first pair -- the Schottische Kilt Hose from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks (Interweave Press, 1994). My client provided me with glorious yarn for the project -- Lana Grossa Meilenweit 'Seta Cashmere'! Even though it's black, it's lovely to work with, and so far I'm having no trouble with the pattern in such a dark colour.

The other hose are going to be more challenging -- and I have a gal at one of my LYS researching colours and cost. Yes, I'm going to be knitting Argyle hose in four colours -- light navy and forest green for the diamonds (including the 'marl' diamonds (where the blue and green are used together); and scarlet and golden yellow for the criss-crossing lines. It's the yellow that's the kicker, as it's tough to find in sock yarn. We managed to find all the colours in Regia 4-ply, but they're now distributed out of the US... Luckily I have some time to work on them, and can get busy and do the Schottische hose first! :-)

That said, I'm finishing a commissioned pair of anklets in an unknown brand (no label) of variegated yarn provided by another client. And I've just finished a baby cap for a new cousin (10 days old now, I think!) in Vancouver. As soon as I get a pair of matching bootees knit up, the set will be off in the mail. This yarn is some I've had in stash for years -- a microfibre yarn by Mayflower Yarns -- "Hit March" -- in a deep royal blue. (As I can't even find a website for the company, I'm not sure it exists any longer!) It's cuddly soft and has been lovely to knit with, and should keep the wee fellow cozy during the damp, cool Vancouver spring.

As for the Olympic knitting...well, let's just say, it didn't happen. I got caught up in my quilting, website development (look for 3F Creations!) and life in general. I've decided I have gone a bit over-board joining Knit-Alongs willy-nilly and am releasing that habit as well as my penchant for Blocks-of-the-Month on the quilting front. :-) Funny (peculiar) how those sorts of activities can become 'virtual' clutter, just as insidious as the real thing! To live intentionally, and realize my art quilting goals, as Alyson Stanfield says, I'd (much) rather be in the studio!

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