Friday, October 23, 2009

Happiness Is...

A newly-renovated bathroom! Yep, 13 months in this ol' place (built in 1976) and I finally managed to get a bit of renovating done. Actually, it's the most I'm going to need for the next while, as the roofing (house and garage) is less than 5 years' old, and the hot water tank is 2 years' old at most. The renovation was not done for style, either, but to repair some problems -- most notably, a tub wall with a tear in it near the taps, a badly chipped sink, and a floor that had been through a minor flood (before my time).

Here's my new sink, low-flow potty, and my new shower curtain (indicating a repaired shower!) You can also see a wee bit of my new floor. No seams. No lumps, bumps or splits. Easy-care vinyl sheeting. Grand!

Now for the open curtain revealing -- ta da! -- my new tub wall. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

This is the shiny new sink. :-)

Last but not least -- the new safety switch, which means I can use my blow-dryer in front of the bathroom mirror, instead of in my bedroom, where the light isn't quite as good. Better yet, a guest can use one there, while I use mine in my bedroom. This is especially valuable for my female guests!

In addition to the bathroom, I had a couple of defunct items removed -- most notably a yucky garburator (I use a compost bucket) and an obsolete (and noisy!) water filtration system -- and had a new set of kitchen taps installed. It's great to have a hot water tap that turns off in only one direction! My old tap was 'stripped' and turned on, then off, then on again if you kept turning the nob!

Now, I'm well aware that planned renovations can trigger a bit of a domino effect, but I have no desire to tear apart the entire house. I may, however, paint my bathroom vanity and put on new door pulls. I might even paint the kitchen wall over the sink area. But that's it! Honest! ;-)

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