Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In the Pink

I've been Ravelling all week, embarrassed by my stash, and working to reduce it. In the process, I've made these two "Rollin' Baby Berets" -- so cute, doncha think? They'll be going to the Family Services in Lacombe.

Next, I joined the Monthly Dishcloth group, and produced a Pot o' Gold in time for St. Paddy's day yesterday. I'm now working on the mid-month project, awaiting 'Day 2' of the KAL pattern. There's touch of mystery to this, which makes it even more fun, as you don't really know what design you're knitting till you get close to the end of it.

Meanwhile, as I wait, the stash burning continues, with the start of the back section of Jeff's Pub Jacket for my son. I'm enjoying the Peace Fleece for this project, but changed from the 4 mm needles used for the ribbing, to 5 mm for the body. It was getting too dense, and for reasons unknown, the pattern didn't mention going up a needle size. Nothing in IK errata either. Go Figure.

I'm off to Calgary now for a day with The Applique Society. TTFN!


Anonymous said...

Nice knitwork; I really like the dishcloth, both color and pattern!

Anonymous said...

I love the hats, too cute! What yarn did you you use? And the dishcloth is fabulous! I've done butterfly, frog, & ladybug dishcloths, but it is really hard to see the actual picture, you know? I love that you can really see the picture (pot o gold, how cute!) in yours. Where can I find that monthly dishcloth group?