Sunday, January 04, 2009

Knitting Update

I've been working away on a shrug for my DD, who turns 28 (I'm sure she appreciates that I told you that!) on January 13th. It's the "Sweet Shrug" from Creative Knitting, May 2008. (If you have been visiting the Knitters' Review forums (fora?), you might have seen an entry or two by me about this already. I have finished the body, seen here as it dried after washing/blocking (left) and a detail of the lace that goes up the back, over the shoulder and down each front(right):

I have finished one sleeve now, but haven't photographed it yet -- I'll wait till both are completed.

Meanwhile, I've also started a pullover for myself. It's the 'Climbing Vines' pullover from Interweave Knits, Winter 2008. I just fell in love with it! It's been a very long time since I've made anything more for myself than socks or a hat. I decided that now was the time, and so began this yesterday in's Peruvian Collection Sierra, colour #1526, which is what I'd describe as mulberry, or a dusty cranberry.

I've had to measure m'self for this, which was a bit disconcerting. I've put on some pounds in the past few years, but didn't want to admit I'd actually changed sizes. Alas, it's true. :-(

So I'm sucking it up, as my kids would say, and working on my weight, even as I construct a new sweater in a size larger than I've ever worn. I figure that by the time I finish it, I'll be down a few pounds, and it'll look great. When it gets to the point where it looks too big, I'll either felt it (!) or give it away.

Behind every cloud there's a silver lining...

"Knit on through all circumstances" -- Elizabeth Zimmerman

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Bess said...

I'm with ya sister. You should see my chipmunk cheeks! I really enjoyed myself this past christmas - it's easy when two fellas keep saying "but it's the Holidays!!!" Now I'm back on the familiar routine and by golly I'm going to fit that gym visit in at lunch.

The astrologers tell us that the day to really commit to the New Health Regime is January 26 when an eclipse in our sixth house means we can now proceed to a whole new level of fitness. :D

Happy January 5.