Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Remembering in Prayer

The families and friends of the snowmobilers killed in a triple avalanche situation near Sparwood, B.C. a few days ago. Remembering, too, the 3 survivors, who valiantly tried to rescue others and were faced with the awful decision to leave the site. As they left, the "whole centre of the mountain came down" into the place they'd been.

May those at rest be at peace. May those still with us be comforted by the Everlasting Arms of God. AMEN.

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Cat said...

That was so sad.

I join in prayer for these young men and their loved ones.

We have snowmobiles. It scares the be-jeebies out of me. Our oldest son is a fanatic about the sport. I call it "white death" and am tring to convince my husband to sell the machines...

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