Thursday, November 27, 2008

Of Shorts, Socks and Smoke Rings

But first...some excitement! My 12" square actually sold at the SAQA auction yesterday! What a thrill -- my first donation, and my first sale. What's even more delightful is that the buyer made a comment about it on her blog as well as leaving me a note here. I'm so tickled, I can't stop grinning!

Back to business! For the moment, I've put off new art projects to focus on Pre-Christmas Construction. I've finished one gift for my son, and am close to finishing two others, as the photo shows:

The boxer shorts are in "Monkey N Around", by Erin Michael for Moda, purchased through Hamel's Fabrics in Chilliwack, British Columbia -- one of my favourite on-line fabric sources. A couple of years back I made M a quilt in this fabric -- in the flannel version -- and when it became available to me in cotton, I couldn't resist. I think I have enough left over for a pillowcase...**

The 'smoke ring' (isn't that a lovely name for a neckwarmer?!) is the
Wavy Feathers Wimple(!), from Caryll Designs -- a free pattern on the site. I'm making it in Elann's Peruvian Baby Silk, which I've had in my stash for some time, just waiting for this pattern. My sis has fair colouring and is very fond of orange; I'm just hoping this isn't too pink.

Finally, the socks are my Basic Sock Recipe, adjusted for 72 stitches (the yarn is very fine) and longer than usual, as they are for an elderly cousin of mine in Montreal. In his youth, he was at least six foot five; now in his eighties, he's shrunk somewhat, but he still has really long feet! The yarn is (again) from stash -- some Pingouin 3-Ply that I picked up at a donation table some time back. The only one in the group that was a sock-knitter, I was encouraged to take it all, and have enough for at least 2 more pair of socks, or maybe some gloves. It's 100% wool, but I'm not worried; my cousin is now in a wheel chair, so won't be walking his socks off!

Christmas cards are calling me; I need to get some more done before I head out to the Post Office...

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating this weekend. Have a lovely holiday!

**P.S. I did! :-)

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Bess said...

Oooo this is the day Christmas Cards call to me too. I have some ready to start sending but I need to get more - if I shop at all today, that's the only thing I'll buy.

cute cute cute pillowcase & boxers.