Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Feeling Like...

Home Sweet Home.

Yesterday I readied the perennials in the back garden for winter. Good thing, too; there was frost last night. Today is sunny, but cold and breezy; I still need to take my walk!

I began a Thanksgiving apple pie this a.m., but was interrupted by the need to take Fred (aged puss-cat) to the vet to check a lump on his lower jaw. Looks like trouble with a tooth root (the tooth has fallen out). Now on antibiotics, he's sleeping comfortably on my bed, and I have been able to work on my Green Piece for my quilt art group (our October project -- a colour study). If it goes as planned, I'm going to use it in a competition, so won't be able to show it to you till some time next year...sorry!

Here are a few other scenes taken on a walk earlier in the week:

Just a little piece of Paradise, I'd call it! A very special blessing for which I give thanks this Thanksgiving Weekend -- and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

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Bess said...

Oh oH Oh! Photos! The new house is darling, tucked away beneath the trees like that. And you have sidewalks - this means you live in a walking neighborhood. How perfect.

May your new home be filled with joy and love and blessings and art!