Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quite a Selection

I've just begun a class entitled Encrusted Crazy Quilting with Sharon Boggon via Joggles.com. For my piece(s), I want to incorporate old linens (tea-towels, doilies, handkerchiefs) and ties that have come to me from my mother, aunt, grandmothers and my late husband (most of the ties). Here's a sampling of the tea-towels from which I'm going to choose:

The embroidered bits will be featured in a section of each of the blocks. In order not to waste the rest of each towel, though, I thought I'd square up the remainder(s) and use it/them for the foundation fabric.

It's teeming rain here this a.m., which makes it a perfect day to get started. Ta for now!

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Paula Hewitt said...

this i a lovely idea. i tried to make a CQ from some vintage doilies and made a mess of it. i will be following this with interest