Thursday, May 15, 2008

Working on the Outside of the Box

...literally! This is what the outside of my latest project in my class with Sue B. looks like:

and here's what it looks like close up:

I'm thinking this is the best mixed media surface I've produced thus far in this class, and I am looking forward to box/drawers assembly over the next few days. Really, if you haven't done so, I recommend getting in on one of these classes. Gets the creative juices flowing overtime!

'night. :-)

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Bess said...

Well gal, I finally followed the link to SueB and I am drooling over her classes. What fun. I'm too stretched right now - but oh my I'm fascinated with what she's doing. I know that there is nothing like knitting with yarn I've spun myself, but maybe writing in a journal I made myself might come close.

thanks for sharing your own journey with me.