Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Addictive!

I just got my new ballwinder from KnitPicks, and I love it, as you can plainly see! The balls I've created are going into the "Mitered Squares and Stripes Throw" from the May 2008 issue of Creative Knitting. (I'd have titled it, "The Stripes and Mitred Squares Throw" m'self; as it is, it sounds as if the stripes are mitred as well as the squares...Oh, and note the different spelling of 'mitre'...but I digress!)

I haven't purchased CK for some time, but this issue has a bundle of patterns that are simply terrific, and which I could see myself making and enjoying. In addition to the throw, there are these:

    - The 'Seasonless Topping' - a pretty little short-sleeved 3-button cardi in an unconventional ribbed pattern;
    - The 'Lacy Leisure Hoodie' - pictured in a denim-coloured yarn, it would be my first hoodie in years;
    - The 'Cool Cropped Cardi' - as delicious as it sounds (though I'd omit the pockets);
    - The 'Asymmetric Style' jacket that is oh! so stylish;
    - The 'Embossed Daisies' long-sleeved polo pullover -- and the accompanying washcloth that can be knit first as a gauge swatch;
    - The 'Simple Elegance Cardigan' that's featured on the cover, featuring two of my favourites: 3/4-length sleeves, and the colour pink;
    - The 'Pearl-trimmed Cardigan' that is sweet and pretty and would look great in black, too;
    - The 'Flame-stitch Scarf' that I know I can make in more than one colourway from my existing stash;
    - The 'Hearts-are-true Gifts' - two delightful bags that I'd use to practice Fair Isle and beaded knitting -- and maybe not give away after all;
    - The 'Ribbed Anklets' that are perfect for small amounts of left-over sock yarn;
    - Ditto for the 'No Cold Footsies' - perfect to donate to my church group; and
    - A selection of kiddie's and babie's sweaters in case any more of my daughter's friends decide to start a family!

Whew! I'd best get busy knitting!

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Bess said...

Aren't those toys the most fun! I love mine. I even use it to wind the yarn off my wheels into center pull balls I can then ply together from both ends.

Happy mitre-ing