Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Jar Has Spoken

Just a few minutes ago, I dipped my hand into my Creativity Jar and came up with this instruction:

"Pick a project at random from Stitch (a magazine of the UK Embroiderers' Guild) and do it."

So. This is a selection I designated with Bess' code: **, meaning that I am allowing 2 weeks for completion of said project, whatever it is.

Now...I have the current issue -- the fiftieth -- sitting to my left on my desk. Here I go....eyes closed; thumbing through...hmm. Stopped at the 'Great Give-aways' and promo page. Try again. Oh my. It's the 'From Sketch to Stitch' column by Jan Beaney, of Double Trouble Enterprises. She illustrates two winter scenes and the techniques used to take a sketch of each one and turn it into fibre art. (See pp. 30-33 of Stitch, Issue 50, Dec '07/Jan -08.)

Here goes!

1 comment:

Bess said...

woo woo! Isn't this fun? It's sort of like being invited to a birthday party. You just don't know what fun games they'll have - and maybe you'll win something.

Now - don't forget to take photos.

I'm so happy you're having fun with this idea. I'm reading my children's book and loving it!