Saturday, September 29, 2007


No one's given me any hints about that afghan pattern. Sigh. I took it back 10 rows, writing down (what I thought was) the pattern as I went. However, when I tried to knit it up, following my notes (in reverse, of course, so I'd be going bottom-up instead of top-down), it didn't really work. Sigh. step: try the closest-looking pattern from my Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary: 1030 Stitch Patterns. If that fails, I'm trottin' off to my LYS!

Meanwhile, I've started my Christmas gifts with a pair o' socks for my DD (don't worry; she'll never find out. She never reads this blog!). She wanted 'something in blues', so I picked out my "Jeans" colourway, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. Believe it or not, I got it at 50% off when a local stitchery shop owner decided to drop her yarn lines and stick to embroidery. Whoo-hoo! I also decided I wanted a little pattern going on and, since the yarn isn't 'self-striping', I have come up with a lovely little one -- "Waving Lace" from Favourite Socks by Interweave Press. I skipped the scalloped edge in favour of a 2:2 rib for 12 rows, and then got into the pattern. It's positively addictive -- and very easy to follow once you've done the first 20 rows (i.e., the first chart-full). You repeat the chart 3 times, then again for rows 1-10 only and presto! You're at the heel flap! I can see these going up like gang-busters. Photos will follow.

Today I managed to get through 1.5 chart's worth on my way to and from the annual 'Creative Stitches' Show. I hadn't been to the show for a few years, so it was a real treat. I took in 2 workshops: 'How to Piece and Quilt With Silk' from Mostly Silk (Louise Jackson), and 'Simply Sensational Slipcovers' from Susan Wells, The Decorating Coach. Both were great -- especially the former. I have some delicious silk scraps from a client of mine, who's a draper...

I also took in a fashion show by The Material Girls, featuring pieces created from The Sewing Workshop. The Girls are the only ones (apparently) in Canada who sell these patterns -- at shows and by mail order. They also sell a wonderful new rayon, some of which I'd already purchased at Out of Hand here in town. It has a lovely drape, and I have a top planned...but I liked the SW patterns so much, I may invest and work on a couple more pieces. Their pants look particularly comfortable and flattering!

There wasn't a great deal of yarn at the show...and I managed to behave myself around the SweaterKits and Philosopher's Wool featured at one booth. I also decided to put off needle-felting for now...the Clover kits were flying off the shelves...but I'm patient. I'm waiting till I can find a foot to fit my Husqvarna!

I also didn't buy fabric (despite the luscious kits at Mostly Silk)...but did find a couple of useful books. The first is Pillow Party by Pamela Lindquist (That Patchwork Place), which I'll use to create wonderful shams for my sister for Christmas (per her request) -- and perhaps even a neck roll or small bolster. The second is The Quilter's Directory of Embellishments by Sally Holman (C&T Publishing), which I'll keep for ongoing reference in my quilting arts library. Both were discounted 20% or more, so I felt good about my investment.

So... on the agenda for tonight is some television and stitching -- my 'P is for Princess' bell pull (from The Victoria Sampler) for my DD's birthday which, alas, follows shortly after Christmas (January 13 to be precise!).

All for now...Photos soon. :-)

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