Saturday, September 15, 2007

So sorry, but...

I've been too busy to blog. Busy most of the time, that is...and blue much of the rest of the time. Anniversaries continue...those of you who have lost loved ones know how this is. As for the rest of you...your time will come.

But on the busy side: I finished a cardi in Berocco Cotton Twist for a DGF, and it fit beautifully! As I write, it's touring France with her and her hubby!

I have also finished more socks pour moi, bringing my Sock Wardrobe to 6 pair plus 1 pair that needs darning. :-( I am now creating a labour of love: a cardi for my son from IK's 2006 Holiday Gifts issue. Actually, I'm creating it again. I got it knit to the armholes (1 piece), and decided to check the fit...too small. It's entirely my own fault. :-( I deplore swatching, and was using a finer yarn than called for, and didn't check my tension/gauge early enough...But all is right now, and it's proceeding apace!

Our church 'Knit One, Quilt Too' group has started again for the season, and we are bustling about knitting hats and mitts for needy souls here (winter cometh soon...) and dishcloths for overseas -- to be used as washcloths, actually, for midwives and new moms to wash babies with. Soft, soft, soft is the order of the day.

And then there's stitching. I recently completed my Level 1 Certifcate in Experimental Hand Stitch from the Gail Harker Creative Studies Studion..Whoo Hoo! And have completed 3 small pieces for FreeSpirit Artisans, my quilt art group; we meet Tuesday evening for show-and-tell and the next leg of our stitching journey. Then there's the canvas I'm working on for my canvas class, cross-stitch, and applique projects...

And yes, I still work to feed these habits!

So. Off to it for another day. When I get the photos downloaded, I'll show off a bit. TTFN!


Bess said...

Sending you hugs and soft warm memories.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Hugs from here, too.