Wednesday, July 05, 2006



I had this wonderful 1,400 m. skein of pearl grey laceweight that I planned to use for Mystery Stole #2 (a Yahoo thing I just signed up for that starts July 7; no, I didn't do Mystery Stole #1 -- I didn't even know it existed. Sigh. Such is my life.) Anyway, last evening I proceeded to try to wind it into a ball(s). I have no ball winder. Therein may lie the problem. I rely on the trusty back/legs of wooden chair method. It has never failed me -- before last night.

I couldn't get the yarn to stay hooked 'round the chair legs, no matter how I bobbed and weaved (wove?) to keep it there. Result #1: tangled mess. Now, I'm not one to give up easily. I actually enjoy untangling yarn. But this was impossible. I did manage to get a small ball, and several peanuts (at least, that's what they looked like) put together before I gave up in frustration.

Result #2: It's gone out in the trash. Even the label, so I can't tell you what
**!!@@ brand it was.

Result #3: I'll do the Mystery stole in some even lovelier cranberry coloured JaggerSpun "Zephyr Wool-Silk" that's already wound into a ball.

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