Thursday, July 27, 2006

One step forward...

Yep; it's been that way this week. First, my Mystery Stole 2006 fell prey to the Dreaded Tangles over last weekend. Don'tcha just hate when that happens? I was knitting from the centre of the Zephyr ball, when it spilled its guts on the table next to me. After several hours of deep focus, I managed to resurrect enough in a hand-wound ball to keep going, but eventually I will have to get back to untangling the remainder of the ball.

Then the Scheepjeswool I was using to finish the toes of some socks did the same thing. Fortunately, being less fine and containing no silk, this stuff was quickly subdued, and I finished the socks this evening.

New on the needles: a cardigan in pale pink (rather like spun cotton candy) Berroco Cotton Twist -- beginning with the back. I've been "commissioned" by a long-time friend to make it for her (I was going to write, "old" instead of long-time, but she's no older than I. It's just that we've known each other 36 years...) Very pretty, with a modified seed-stitch border. Ever since I made the 'trailing vines' tee-top for my DD's wedding, I've wanted another chance to knit with Cotton Twist -- and here it is, at someone else's expense!

Speaking of my beautiful DD, here she is (left) with her hubby, J and his mom, B, at J's twin sis' wedding a couple of weeks ago. They were in the wedding party, of course, and B was fulfilling her role as Proud MOB.

And here are the happy couple: J&L, signing the Register, with the Pastor in the background. Happy times!

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