Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sock Spring

...soon to be Sock Summer! Yes, I have been smitten by sock knitting -- and the pile of sock yarns in my stash is proof. Here's what I've knit so far, clockwise from bottom left:

  1. A black/white/grey variegated stump sock in "Sock It to Me" -- a soft cotton with a hint of elastic. This is the first of 2 for my DH for Father's Day;
  2. A creamy sock with slightly tapered leg -- the "Clock" pattern from Socks on the Road, in Scheepjeswool. Again, Sock No. 2 is required;
  3. A pair of purple/blue/hot pink variegated sox in a superwash, featuring purple tops, heels and toes -- for me;
  4. A pair (also for me) in Fleece Artist hand-dyed yarn, using a Lacy Socks pattern from SockBug;
  5. Another pair from SoTR -- my "Conwy" sox in Wildefoot yarn, using a grey/taupe colourway with a touch of pink; and
  6. The first of a pair in "Parade", a self-striping superwash from KnitPicks, featuring grey toes -- a Sweet Sixteen gift for the DD of some very close friends.

Whoo-hoo! And there are a few more pair planned, including a pair for my DS' girlfriend, N*, and a pair for my DD. The perfect knitwalking project. :-)

*Hmmmm...d'you s'pose there's such a thing as the Curse of the Love Socks? Heaven forfend!!

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