Sunday, March 26, 2006

Well I'll Be!

What I "should be" is also what I am, having been born in early September...

You Should Be A Virgo

What's good about you: you have a quiet determination and aren't swayed by emotions

What's bad about you: you are an insane perfectionist and easily find faults in others

In love: you are obsessed with making your partner happy

In friendship, you're: helpful and giving - eager to be a true friend

Your ideal job: poet, flight attendant, or natural healer

Your sense of fashion: casual, upscale, revealing, conservative - you look good in all of it

You like to pig out on: a well prepared five course meal

What fun!

On the knitting front, I've finished the Fleece Artist ankle sox (Yarn Shortage Anxiety sock pattern courtesy of Mary L. McCall), and have been inspired to go back to the Lacy Scallop sox from SockBug that I started during the KnitOlympic Challenge. I've managed to turn the heel on lacy sock #1, and am now working on the gusset. I see a finished pair in my future!

There'd better be, 'cause I've promised my Knitting Brat that if I finish all the sox I have outstanding (there are 2 more to go after the Lacy Sox), I can buy a ball of wonderful cotton sock yarn from my favourite LYS to do up a summer pair. This could become quite a serious knitting addiction...

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Bess said...

Oddly enough I ended up a gemini and should partner with a gemini and so obviously some ambivelence is going on in my life and I can't choose anything.

Fortunately - there is always knitting!