Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's Growing On Me

Sock knitting, that is. I've entered myself in my guild's First Annual Sock Exchange, committing to making a pair of socks for someone whose identity is a mystery -- code name, "Nellie" -- by the July meeting. Each person in the guild provided the Exchange co-ordinator, the Very Brave M, known for her lace shawls, with favourite colours and foot measurements.

I was blessed in that Nellie wasn't fussy as to colour, which means I could use my stash -- not having to run out and buy something I'd otherwise never use. She also requested ankle-length socks, thus minimizing my fear of Serious Second Sock Syndrome by making my total sock knitting time shorter.

To reward her for this consideration, I've chosen to make her socks in a lovely grapey-blue merino, hand-dyed by the amazing Fleece Artist, and the perfect pattern, 'specially meant for small amounts of yarn (not that I have that -- ever!), the free Y.S.A. (Yarn Shortage Anxiety) sock pattern from Knitting Pattern Central.

So far, it's been loverly. Though I only started these socks on Wednesday, I have turned the heel and am well on my way down the foot of Sock #1, and enjoying every stitch. No fighting with the pattern, no tinking (at least, God willing, not yet!)

I just might finish the two pair I started ages ago for m'self...

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Bess said...

When socks are being good - they are very very good.