Thursday, February 16, 2006

One step forward...

Two steps back. At least, for the first bit of this KnitOlympic Challenge, that's what it's felt like. I was merrily knitting away on the heel flap of this first Lacy Sock when I discovered I'd lost a stitch -- somewhere -- and, like Little Bo-Peep, 'didn't know where to find her'! AAARGH!

There was a silver lining to the cloud of reverse knitting that followed, however. In the process, I discovered that I'd also neglected to finish all the repeats of the lace pattern that I needed before I was to even think about that heel flap!! I had 5...when I should have had 7. So... all has been straightened out (for now) and I am up to the 7th lace pattern -- soon to start the heel flap again!

Ain't it funny-peculiar? Whoever said that 'art imitates life' was right, that's fer sure, as the 1SF,2SB formula has been playing out for me the past year or so, in the dailiness, as well as in the knitting.

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