Friday, July 15, 2005

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

is almost over for another year. DH and I went yesterday afternoon on the Handi-bus. Best way to go. Pick up; drop off; no parking hassles!

We began our afternoon with a one-hour show by the Wonderdogs. I haven't laughed and enjoyed myself so much for a long time. Incredible, talented runners and jumpers of all breeds -- not to mention comedians! It was great.

Then we wandered over to the Round-Up Centre. There we parted ways for an hour -- I went to the art gallery/crafts competition to see wonderful quilting, knitting and embroidery exhibits, not to mention beautiful Western art. Once again I was tempted by the hand-tooled silver jewellry (the gal was working the materials right there, fergoshsakes!! But I abstained. After all, I have a ring from last year and a cross from the year before...

When we met up again, DH just had to show me this leather fedora he wanted -- and bought! I think it makes him look like the Canadian version of a Swagman. ;-)

From the hats, it was out and across to the Coca Cola Stage, where the born-and-bred accapella group, the Heebee Geebies,
were performing. A "barbershop" quartet with a 21st century twist!

All too soon it was 5 p.m. and we were on the bus home. Alas, I'd finished my ball of yarn (shawl; circs) waiting for the bus, and had to join up more for KnitNight at The Knitting Room -- but c'est la vie! All in all, a grand day.

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Bess said...

On behalf of the entire population of Virginia I extend a thanks of our deepest gratitude to all of Canada, for aiming your trough of coolness our way.

What a relief.