Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Tidying the "Studio"

Whatcha do when you have winter weather in the Spring? Spring cleaning! My "studio" is really my dining room, which is starting to look like a cyclone hit it. I've been playing with an idea for an art quilt (a combination of my "Designing Quilters" class with Anna Hergert (see a sample of her work here) and my Open Studio class with Marilyn Belford at QU) -- so there are bits of fabric (mostly batiks!) and Wonder Under on the table; my ironing board is up; my light box is plugged in; there are scissors and pencils and rulers and erasers and templates...

On the floor next to the table is my Knitting Basket -- with three projects in it: the prayer shawl for my friend M; the cardigan for my DH (have to start the right side); and a Fair Isle cardigan for me (have yet to cast on!!)

Today I'm working on a term paper for my M.Div. class (OT part II) and helping my DSIL prepare his income tax -- long distance! Thank heaven for Loony Call rates during the week! into the wintry (-11C) weather for some exercise...and back to the Studio!

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