Thursday, January 20, 2005

Up Late and Busy

Lots goin' on. Just finished my first bargello piece for my class at Quilt University. This is progress for me, because up to now, I've taken the classes but haven't actually done the work during the class period. We are making bargello samples for each of the four seasons, beginning with Spring, and I am impressed! Even though I am fond of jewel tones and brights, so that I have done this piece with hot pinks, purples, teals and greens -- well, it spells 'Spring' to me! And in mid-January, no less!

Finished my Very Harlot Poncho from the Yarn Harlot, and sent it off to DD for her birthday. She should get it tomorrow. I like it so much, I might just do one for m'self...but first -- I am making a cardigan (having abandoned the 'Garter Stitch Aran' -- in an alpaca blend -- for my DH. To be followed by a Gansey (yes, the yarn is in my stash!) for my DSIL. In the middle of all this, have been taking a two-handed Fair Isle class, and just finished a large toque from stash yarn -- Emu superwash in a rust/brown/green variegated colourway -- with newly-purchased 'Smart' yarn in cream for contrast. It's too big for anyone I know, so it'll go to the church for donation, but I liked it so much, I wanna do one in each of two other Emu colourways I have. Yes, I promise to take (and eventually show) photos...

Tomorrow I go to JD's for the better part of the day. I am enjoying the work. Who'da thunk it? Me -- an organizational consultant! Only one client, for now, though, and that's the way I like it!

Oh -- on the art quilt front -- my next Designing Quilters I class is Saturday. I managed to finish the first of my triptych (except for the hemstitching). I have to try to get at least the 2nd part done... We are starting landscapes this weekend.

Took a class on drafting traditional quilt blocks on Monday a.m. from The Fabric Cottage -- opened yet another door in the world of quilt design. Challenging -- but I might just have a pattern for a quilt for my DH's bedroom...

And then there are the ideas I'm putting together for tops to wear on our Dialysis at Sea cruise this summer. We're cruising the Inside Passage, up to Alaska, so I'll need a little hoodie, I think, and a top or two to turn my former-MOB organza skirt into a new dinner outfit... The needles'll be flashin' this winter!

And so to dream of new projects, new challenges, old friends, and the beauty of lovely handwork...

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