Monday, December 06, 2004

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Especially with the amount of snow, wind, and the -18C temps the past two days! Perfect weather for sittin' and knittin' or stitchin', and I have been doing plenty of both.

Friday, I got two Magic Tiles (one red, one blue) back from the Long Arm at My Sewing Room (sorry, no website, but it's my very favourite Calgary quilt shop, hands down!); now they need to be bound...and one is destined for Quebec, which is a mere 3,000 miles or so away...

I spent the day at MSR working on two other Christmas quilts -- pinning a Yellow Brick Road in what I call 'country colours', as a gift for my DSIL's mom, and working on the flowers on my Floral Fireworks top from Sew Be It designs by Cheryl Wittmayer -- which has to be sent to Ontario! I am doing it all in blue/cream/brown/mixed batiks, and it is turning out quite wonderfully, if I may say "sew" m'self!

I think Cheryl's designs are absolutely fabulous and am looking forward to doing more of them.

On the Knitting Front, I've finished my third little 'mistake rib' keyhole scarf in Skacel's Antonia -- and I love 'em all! I have had many positive comments from interested observers as I have worked on these, so I hope they will be a hit for each of the 3 recipients! Now I need to move on to finish the LoTech Sweat (see Bonne Marie at ChicKnits for the pattern...just one sleeve and the pockets to go! (Yeah, and the finishing, button band, buttons...but I think about those later!)

Just to ensure I have enough to do, I have started a poncho for my DD's birthday (mid-January), in some fabulous Peruvian wool I got on a binge at Elann, and have a package of Marks and Kattens Natura (an alpaca blend) sitting on the floor by my couch, just itching to get on the needles for a cardi for my DH.

Thank goodness I am going on a retreat with a bunch of Dear GFs this weekend, and can get all quilting and knitting I want done!

All for now...stay warm!

P.S. Recommended Read for the holidays: P.D. James' The Murder Room. After a bit of a slow start, it grabs you and won't let go!

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