Sunday, October 17, 2004

"Oh...the weather outside is frightful..."

Yep, it's been snowing on and off here since yesterday evening. Before that it blew cold from the North...Good thing I got the outside water off and most of the garden cleared on Friday. Now if the Good Lord will just give me a few hours of good weather this week to plant some last-minute tulips!

Meanwhile, though, DH and I are enjoying the warm house and whatever's on radio or tube, while I knit or x-stitch or quilt.

Took my first Designing Quilters (Beginner level) class from Anna Hergert at Addie's yesterday morning -- an adventure into the abstract that's really rather exciting...and less and less outside my comfort zone! That means my zone is expanding, and that, as MS would say, is a good thing.

On the knitting front, though, I am rather discouraged. :-(

No sooner had I cast on the left front for the Xmas gift for my DSIL, than I discovered I'd never changed the needles on the back (from 4mm to 5mm) all good conscience I couldn't leave it that way, and so rip, rip, rip, out it came -- all the way back to the seed stitch border at the bottom (sigh)(double sigh)... It put me off so much I didn't knit a stitch on it yesterday!!

The blessing of this weather (and an early church service this morning!) is that today I can start again and work my way up, up, up the back. Maybe I'll put on my favourite videotape and knit along...

Keep warm me hearties!

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