Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I've Only Just Begun...

Today's the first official day of my 'retirement'. What with being off much of the summer, and then spending Sept. working 3 days a week, a Tuesday Off is really what marks the difference. Besides, I spent most of the weekend and yesterday napping. Seemed to need to catch up!! I am feeling much better this a.m., and am ready to tackle a full day with DH that includes a doctor's appointment downtown and lunch out.

The weather here is fabulous right now -- more like July with autumn colours! -- so I may just get out in the garden this week and tackle some fall cleaning.

I have also returned to FLYing, because my dining table is deplorable (a real Hot Spot) and I have to serve Thanksgiving Dinner on it on Sunday!

On the Fabric Front, I spent much of last Friday at My Sewing Room, putting together a Blue Magic Tiles quilt destined for my dear cousins, D&A in Quebec, who have been so kind to me with the interment of my mother and the settling of my aunt's estate and various other activities these past few years. I am now putting the border on it to have it ready for my November 25 quilt date at MSR. I also managed to cut out all the 15" squares for a Red Magic Tiles for my Dear Sis.

This weekend (in between naps!) I pinned two smaller quilts/hangings -- the fate of which is as yet unknown...

I also finished a keyhole scarf in Skacel Antonia -- one of 3 I'm making as Christmas gifts (each a different colour). This stuff is frightfully expensive here ($13.95 CAD for a ball of 82 yards) but one will make a lovely little scarf. I used the "Mistake Rib" from the BH&G "Learn to Knit" magazine -- a delightful little tome I found at the checkout at my local Wal-Mart. (I picked up the "Easy Knitting" follow-up plus "Learn to Sew" -- both with more wonderful patterns at a great low price!)

I am working up the armholes of the Lo-tech Sweat (see Bonne Marie at ChicKnits) for my DSIL, and have started another prayer shawl. Alas, it's for a Dear Friend who just lost her 40-year-old son to brain injuries sustained in a workplace fall...

The good, the bad, the ugly, the blessed. Life is full, ain't it?

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