Wednesday, June 09, 2004

I'm Ba-a-ack!

Landed in from Montreal about 7 p.m. last evening and spent the rest of the time between landing and bed going over my mail (e- and other), paying bills, catching up the news with my DH, unpacking (laundry/not laundry) etc.

Slept like a top.

Awoke to discover I'd gained about 5 pounds and now my determination to lose is taking on a serious tone. (Sigh) The trick wil be to quilt or stitch or knit instead of nibbling. And to get more exercise!! I'd be able to fulfill the latter in the garden, if the weather would just co-operate!

I managed to get a great deal done on the Spring sampler from our Four Seasons x-stitch club (Oh, yeah, I haven't posted a photo of now-finished 'Winter' yet, have I??), and to go through 2 balls of Patons "Melody" for the prayer shawl I'm making. I may have to pick up a couple of extra balls of that,'s not as long as I'd like (mostly because the pattern calls for chunky and I have super-chunky...). It's gorgeous, though!

And on the train this a.m. I finished the 'Shaped Scarf' (from The Knit Stitch, remember?) for my Dear the next portable project becomes fingerless gloves for my DS, in a B&W tweedy Patons Kroy 4-ply. Should be fun! Now I really must stop playing hooky and get some work done!!


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