Monday, May 10, 2004

Getting My Head Around

    - Being an MIL (Mother-In-Law);
    - The end of Tax Season;
    - Having my DS home for the summer;
    - Having to lose 10 pounds for sure;
    - This new Blogger format; and
    - A fibro-fabric re-org in my bedroom.

I think I'm going to enjoy all of the above -- though the 10-lb. thing is a perennial challenge!! I am back to watching my intake (too few carbs and I get blocked up; too many and I gain), and working back to 3x a week at Curves plus 2x a week walking for 30-45 minutes. It's been too cold here of late to be in the garden, but that will soon ramp up and I can burn a few more calories there (plus a good nap in the sunshine will keep me from snacking!)

DD and her DH are home from Punta Cana -- he with her cold, and she with a bruised foot from an accidental encounter with a coral 'branch' while scuba diving on Thursday. Nonetheless, both are delighted with the Wedding Quilt, and are going to hit the ground hard when they go back to Reality tomorrow! ;-)

Meanwhile, their DC (Dear Cat) is at our house till May 22, flirting outrageously with our own DC (whose nose is right out of joint) and getting into whatever isn't nailed down. No damage to Cat or House yet...we are keeping a watchful eye!

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend -- driving by m'self to Lethbridge to pick up my DS' remaining gear, and hitting several LYS and LQS on the way, as well as in Lethbridge itself. Stay Tuned for the official report...

When I got home, DH presented me with a year's subscription to "O" magazine, while DS gave me a Big Hug and a mushy pink card...roses etc.

TTFN, though, as I am at The Office, and really must get some work done.

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